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Clinical Mentoring, Tutoring And Wrap-Around Services


Clinical Mentoring, Tutoring And Wrap-Around Services

With the current pandemic, and other societal issues that are present our YOUTH needs someone to speak with, we are ready to assist our youth and families. Not everyone requires therapy but a coach to keep them motivated, accountable and encouraging one to master those personal goals. Clinical mentoring will also assist youth with developing/managing social skills, communication skills, and supporting our youth on their path of setting and mastering their goals. Mentoring is a valuable tool for developing our most important asset, our people. A successful mentoring process depends on the partners sharing common goals and expectations, having a commitment to the mentoring practice, and giving and receiving trust and respect.

Both the mentor and the mentee give and grow in the mentoring process. You, the mentor, have the opportunity to review your accomplishments and challenges as a reminder of lessons learned. In sharing your expertise, you are leaving a legacy and guiding another’s career path. This also gives you an opportunity to review and re-energize your personal career goals.

The clinical mentor role is to be present by taking an active, caring, and supportive role by working closely with the mentee to provide modeling, guidance, training, coping & social skills support, and meeting goals that are identified on the mentee’s development plan.

  • We work with mentees on treatment and personal goals.  

  • We assist with helping mentees maneuver through life with positive outcomes, even during difficult situations.

  • We do not judge and we meet the mentee where they are at (we work on building the foundation for an appropriate relationships with mentee and their family(support group/team)


Limitless Possibilities (AIM) mission is to ignite one’s potential to strive to reach their individual potential at their pace. 

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